Worldr for Microsoft Teams

Securing your Microsoft Teams application

Seamless integration
It takes less than 10 minutes to onboard your team with absolutely no disruption to your existing operation.
Zero trust security
Bypass third-party vulnerabilities by ensuring your digital assets remain secure.
Data localization
Leverage the power of Teams while still controlling your data whether in a private cloud or physical server, anywhere in world.
A world-class, zero trust ecosystem

Worldr for Microsoft Teams can be deployed into any environment, whether that be cloud based (GCP, AWS or Azure) or on-premise; our lightweight architecture can be deployed in less than 3 minutes for any size organization.

Protect your data, without leaving the platform you love.
Worldr adds to your existing Microsoft Teams deployment, meaning you can get your whole team set up in minutes, whether that's 30 people or 30,000.
Worldr ensures your existing Microsoft Teams communication is: