Worldr Core Messenger

Private, secure and compliant team communication software

Worldr enables security and data protection in team communication, without compromising usability.

Data and security
Data self-sovereignty is a fundamental part of strategic resilience. Worldr sets itself apart by giving you complete control and ownership over your private keys and your data.
Structure and engagement
With a human-centred approach to professional communication, Worldr’s flexibility and quality allows teams around the world to work in new ways. The platform includes granular permissions that allow you to control reporting and access based on your existing team structures.
Focus and experience
Cognitive load can reach breaking point through bloated channels and a barrage of notifications. Worldr is intuitive and distraction free; using intelligence to bring you only what is relevant, and cutting out the noise.
A combination of best practices with cutting edge technologies improves security and reduces latency.

Retain your peace of mind over your company's data. Secure messaging, groups and file sharing enables you to get off internal email, once and for all.

Localised data
Keep all your conversations, files and collaboration within your own private cloud or physical server. Never expose your company's crucial data to third-party risk. Every time you send a message, make a call, or share a file with Worldr, this data never leaves your own company's firewall.
We integrate with the biggest regulatory software packages. Thus you can export your data at any time in any one of a multitude of formats. This makes compliance reporting for your organisation completely seamless.
You own and control all the private keys to your encrypted messages. Using split-key cryptography, give keys to all company managers to alleviate single points of failure. Easily usable and accessible, it requires no technical effort from you, just set up your account, and your encryption will be baked into your admin ID.
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