Worldr Launches Zero Trust Security for Microsoft Teams, backed by investors from Thought Machine and Privitar

Everyone at Worldr is over the moon to publicly announce that we have finalized our seed round backed by major investors in the deep tech, defense, and finance space.

September 24, 2021

We are lucky to have received backing from some of the biggest investment names in deep tech, defense, and finance:

  • IQ Capital
  • Playfair Capital
  • CyLon
  • Andreas Wuchner (Group Head of IT & Risk at Credit Suisse)
  • John Taysom (Privitar Co-Founder)
  1. IQ Capital
  2. Playfair Capital
  3. CyLon
  4. Andreas Wuchner (Group Head of IT & Risk at Credit Suisse)
  5. John Taysom (Privitar Co-Founder)

This $3-million investment will help us build on the incredible success of our 6-month Beta. With this backing, we can release faster into our waitlist and secure our public launch later this year. We can redouble our efforts to bring true data sovereignty to companies everywhere, and create a more secure future for multiple industries.

Our Goal: Data Sovereignty

Communication platforms like Whatsapp and Signal are not sufficient for organisations compliantly handling sensitive information on a daily basis.

This seed funding will help us to build the very best data sovereignty tools.

Data sovereignty is fundamental to a company’s resilience. However, communication platforms like Whatsapp and Signal are not sufficient for organisations seeking to compliantly handle sensitive information on a daily basis.

As the use of third-party communications platforms become embedded in the daily routines of remote team communications and work-from-home workforce, enterprises everywhere invite digital risk into their operations. Government agencies, law firms, banking institutions and others handling sensitive information face increasing security challenges.

With third-party platforms, data is both stored outside the user’s control, and often encrypted by a third-party. As a result, those businesses lose ownership of the conversations and data that they produce.

Worldr’s approach to architecture & encryption implementation enables a zero-trust approach in a flexible and seamless way, while ensuring that all data is controlled by and fully sovereign to data creators.

At Worldr, we are passionate about building a new type of communications and messaging platform built around privacy, security and data protection in team communications without compromising usability.

Building Zero Trust Security for Communications

Our aim is to be the private and secure alternative to Slack, Teams, and Whatsapp, by utilizing zero trust encryption by default, whilst ensuring that all conversations are stored locally within each company.

This seed round will help drive our product efforts. Our encryption technologies enable a zero-trust approach in a flexible and seamless way. They easily integrate with common enterprise communications platforms for all styles of team interactions.

All the while, they ensure that all data is controlled by and fully sovereign to data owners. This means that businesses have total control over who holds and can access corporate data, conversations, and sensitive files.

In tandem with our development of a private, secure & compliant communications platform, we have also built a wrap-around application for securing Microsoft Teams. Teams has seen its usage double in the last year, to 145 million users (as of April 2021). This growth has introduced a growing attack surface.

By utilizing Zero Trust Security, our Microsoft Teams solution ensures that when a company uses the platform, not even Microsoft will have access to the conversations its customers’ employees are having, offering maximum security to every user.

What Comes Next?

This seed round will help us drive all of the initiatives described above.

We plan to continue growing our line of zero trust products throughout the rest of this year. We’ve also recently completed the Founders Factory accelerator program, so this added support will further our goal of providing secure communication solutions for any enterprise. If you’d like to learn more about us and our solutions, feel free to visit us here.

Thank you to our investors, and to everyone who has supported Worldr since day one.

And thanks to UK Tech News and others for the coverage of this happy day.

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