Maximum security, Minimum effort.

Bringing zero trust security to your existing communication

Mitigate third-party threats, stop breaches

Worldr secures your Microsoft Teams application with zero trust security in less than 3 minutes without disruption to your existing deployment.
Our lightweight application delivers data sovereignty, security and control over your most sensitive digital assets.
Zero Trust Encryption for Microsoft Teams
Our product

Microsoft brings the platform, Worldr brings zero trust security.

Data sovereignty
Leverage the power of your large scale solution while owning, controlling and governing the data you share.
Effortless integration
Easily implement Worldr in less than three minutes without the risk of data loss or interruption to your Teams solution.
Regulatory compliance
Ensure the right people within your organisation can access your digital assets while prohibiting foreign entities access to any unnecessary data elements.
Zero trust security
Avoid third-party risk and guarantee that the only company with access to your sensitive Teams data is your own.
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